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Your Guide for Buying a Wall Mounted Vanity Unit

The Wall Mounted Vanity Unit is stylish storage furniture in your bathroom. It is a kind of sink and cabinets combined in a single unit. While usually rests on top of the cabinets, it is a great way to save space as they hide bathroom essentials or any toiletries. Whether you have a small bathroom or a large one, you can get the benefit of the added advantage of this highly functional unit. People who like minimalism use vanity units in their bathrooms.

They are inexpensive and convenient yet elegant at the same time.

Storage is a critical need of every modern bathroom. With the increase in items, we use there, the felt of something we can store these items is more than ever before. Since the top of these units is usually empty, the manufacturer has come up with an idea to use that space for a worktop basin. By adding this functionality, it becomes even more beneficial for small bathrooms. 

There are many kinds of vanity units. We, however, are discussing wall-hung vanity units in this article.


What is Wall Mounted Vanity Unit?


As the name suggests, wall mounted vanity unit is attached to a wall above the floor. They make it easier to clean the floor. These will bring a sleek and refined look to your bathroom. These are efficient in saving space and provide storage of bathroom items. Whether you are using a single vanity unit or multiple vanity units attacked to each other, you need to make sure your wall is sturdy enough to bear its weight. When you use wall-hung furniture, all the weight and load rests on the wall. So, it is essential to consult a professional and check the strength of the wall.


What Are Different Types of Wall Mounted Vanity Unit?  


There are two types of wall-hung vanity units.

  1. Single Sink Vanity Units. These are the type of units that have a single sink adjusted on top of them. It is suitable for a small bathroom where you don’t have many people using it. The storage under it is smaller too. Although these also have different sizes, the cabinet is smaller, almost equal to the width of the basin. 
  2. Double or Multiple Sink Vanity Units. These are a type of vanity unit that have two or more sinks on top of it. Because these have more than two sinks, the cabinets under them are also bigger and more spacious. These are usually suitable for a bigger bathroom. If you are a group of people living together or a family, then it can be a great choice for you. Multiple sinks also mean that more than one person can use them at once. It can be great for a place where multiple people are trying to get ready for work at the same time.

It depends solely on your convenience and needs whether you should use one vanity unit or multiple.


Advantages of Wall Mounted Vanity Unit


  • You can expect various benefits by installing a wall mounted vanity unit discussed as follows.
  • These are compact units that can fix on the wall. That means the space under the unit is empty, making your bathroom look spacious. 
  • Being a wall mounting unit, these are very helpful in saving space. So, if you have limited space, then such a furniture unit can be an excellent choice.
  • Due to combining the two utilities into a single fixture, this wall-mounted unit can save even more space. For example, it has a worktop basin, which eliminates the need for a separate sink, hence saving you space that is otherwise used. 
  • All the plumbing that includes both inlet and outlet are concealed inside the wall, hence giving it a clean look.
  • The cleaning of such units is extremely easier as the floor is accessible, and you have a minimum projection in the bathroom. 

Does your bathroom need one?


The wall mounted vanity unit can be used in all kinds of bathrooms. Whether they are small, large, old-fashioned, or modern, they always add value to the overall design and experience.

Since they are best for organizing storage, small bathrooms can always count on them to make them look neat and fashionable.  

They are for everyone but especially for people who don’t have enough space to store all the items needed in a bathroom.


You can easily get ready-made vanity units from shops. They usually come with a pre-assembled design. You can follow a guide that usually comes with them. If you are too skeptical, it is best to hire a professional to deal with the pipework.


Do You Want Wall Mounted Vanity Unit for Your Bathroom?  

In this article, we have provided you with all the details for a wall mounted vanity unit. Do you think it can be a great addition to your bathroom? At Royal Bathrooms, we have an extensive range of bathroom furniture available at a lower price. The Covid-19 vaccine can save your life and others around you.   


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