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Grey bathroom cabinets in the UK

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500mm vanity unit

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shower cubicle sliding door

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Sliding Shower Enclosure

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Rectangular shower enclosure in the UK

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bathroom vanity units in the UK

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White Bathroom Cabinet in the UK

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700mm quadrant shower enclosure

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1000mm Vanity Unit

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Bathroom Vanity

What are the Different Types of Cloakroom Basin Unit?

In an imaginary world, money would be unlimited, and bathrooms will be huge and spacious. But it’s not true. Bathrooms are getting compact, and space concerns are increasing with time. People must choose wisely about what items to install and what not to. However, sink units are an essential part of any bathroom. 

Cloakroom vanity units


Modern engineering has introduced some new and space-saving sink designs that are best suitable for compact bathrooms. They solved much of the space concerns and does the job well. The cloakroom basin Unit consumes less space and perfectly fits in powder rooms or even a medium-sized bathroom. Following this article will let you explore so many types of small bathroom sink units.

What Is a Cloakroom Basin Unit?

Since the space in cloakrooms is less, therefore, they need something that is compact and can help to save a lot of space. A cloakroom basin unit is something that meets the needs of smaller spaces. These have design in such a way that they fit into smaller spaces. 

Why Should You Prefer Cloakroom Basin Unit?

Cloakrooms in the UK are generally the tiniest places with limited options when it comes to installing fittings and fixtures in such spaces. Therefore, you will need something that is not the only compact in size to fit into a corner or small space and stylish as well. Nowadays, there are such sinks available in the market that works the same as their standard size counterpart but takes less space.


In addition to that, these can help you create the type of look you want in the bathroom. The main reason for preferring such a sink is simple that it is suitable for a cloakroom. And if you have such space where you can not install a standard size sink, either a small bathroom or cloakroom, then you should choose this sink. 


Types of Cloakroom Basin Units. 


There are several types of Cloakroom basin Unit. Generally, you would make a choice between a traditional or contemporary style.  A traditional style will mainly be a kind of sink that sits directly on the floor, either halfway or full. An example of this type can be a small pedestal sink or console sink type that fits perfectly into small spaces. The contemporary style can simply be a complete space saver with some modern design like wall hung minimalist. 

1- Small Pedestal Sink Unit

These sinks are freestanding pedestal supports that from underneath the sink to the ground. It is one of the oldest and traditional sinks. The small pedestals are best for compact bathrooms. They have nice slim designs that look attractive. Various shapes are available in small pedestal sinks, and people can customize their color according to their preferences. However, you do not get extra storage like vanity units with these sinks, and all the space below the sink is eaten up by the pedestal.

2- Small Console Sinks

These modern sinks are a merge of traditional pedestal sinks and a wall-mounted sink. These sinks are mounted to the wall and supported by two or four legs. There is usually a towel rail below the sink for hanging towels. It makes them practical as you don’t have to drop water on the floor while reaching the towel. The design gives a contemporary look to the overall bathroom. These unique sinks are great options if you are looking to add to the elegance of a modern bathroom. Added storage space is still not present in console sinks too.

3- Compact Wall Mounted Sinks

Small wall-mounted sinks are best if you want them in powder rooms, and storage space isn’t your top priority. They are mounted to the wall directly, leave the space below the sink free, and gives a spacious look to compact bathrooms. The drainpipes usually have a chrome finishing that further adds to the loveliness of any bathroom. There are plenty of design options available like square, rectangular or curved. Overall, your bathroom gives a clear look while having compact wall-mounted sinks.  

4- Small Vanity Units

They are the dream for any compact bathroom, as you get a lot while installing small vanity units. They have the sink on the top with cabinets below the sink area. It allows storage space to keep everything well organized and has a clean and tidy bathroom. 

With these vanity units, you don’t have to install separate cabinets that would have eaten much premium space in a bathroom. The vanity units give a 2-in-1 feature to any compact bathroom with the sink and cabinets in one single unit. Overall, they are duly space-efficient and lovely in terms of design and practicality.  


Looking for Cloakroom Basin Unit?


So, you have now read about the Cloakroom Vanity Unit. Do you think it is what you are looking for in your bathroom? If yes, then don’t hesitate to visit the Royal Bathrooms UK website to find out the latest deals and offering on bathroom fittings and fixtures. We all worry about the spread of Coronavirus. The only way to come out of it is the COVID-19 vaccination. You should get it as early as possible to protect yourself and others around you. 

Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk