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Stand Different Proudly by Fixing Bathroom Storage Cabinet in Your Cloakroom

Did you ever notice that storage is an important aspect in any bathroom whose importance can never be diminished? But did you ever step toward the storage solution which can maximize the space of your bathroom? Everyone desires to create functional space in bathrooms to spend a good and relaxing time inside. However, the question arises, how to attain the dream? Bathroom Storage Cabinet is perfect to procure this wish of customers. Royal Bathroom prepares different types of the Storage Cabinet which possess different features in order to fulfil your dream of making the bathroom more elegant and special.


300mm Category of Standing Units on The Floor

Royal Bathrooms manufactures floor standing drawer units, wall hung tallboy units, and many more in the category of 300mm. Fixing the units in your bathrooms will give an astonishing look to your cloakroom that will help you to feel proud whenever guests will come to visit your homes. Most significant products of the category are as below;

  • Mayford 300mm Gloss White Floor Standing Drawer Unit
  • Delaware 300mm Gloss White Floor Standing Drawer Unit
  • Shipton 300mm Driftwood Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit
  • Mayford 300mm Gloss White Floor Standing 4-Drawer Unit
  • Premier Athena 300mm Natural Oak Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit

There are a number of features of the category, which are below which fluctuate from one category to the next.

  • Great for installation stand-alone or as part of a fitted furniture solution
  • High-quality MDF construction ensures a durable and long-lasting unit
  • Popular storage unit finished in a high gloss white to match sanitary ware
  • Soft Closing Drawers Mechanism
  • Include Chrome Handles
  • stunning natural oak finish compliments
  • wall hung unit
  • soft close doors
  • Beautiful handling finishing
  • Enough storage


350mm Category of Floor Standing Units


Are you looking for something magical that can create more space in your bathroom if you have inadequate space? No need to be worried at all! We are here to sort your problem out in different but easier ways. Perfectly made fitted cabinets are manufactured by Royal Bathrooms under the sway of latest and highly advanced styles in order to help you to give an elegant as well as modern look to your bathrooms. Most desired products in the category of 350mm are as below;

  • Delaware 350mm Gloss White Floor Standing Laundry Basket
  • Parade 350mm Gloss White Wall Hung Tallboy
  • Eclipse 350mm Midnight Grey Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit
  • Hudson Reed Coast 350mm Gloss Grey 2-Door Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit
  • Hudson Reed Coast 350mm Gloss White 2-Door Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit


250mm Category of Floor Standing Cabinet


These well-fitted products create more and more space in your bathroom. Oh; your cloakrooms have corners and awkward places that restrict you to not fix the units which can weed out the issue of storage and you have to install the units which cover most part of the bathrooms? The 250mm category of floor standing units can address the issue in a very smart way. The cabinets will give you more and more advantages to save space of your corner cloakroom. The most important types of the divergent units are as below only for your cause;


250mm Category of Floor Standing Cabinet

  • Mayford 250mm Gloss White Floor Standing Cupboard
  • Delaware 250mm Gloss White Floor Standing Cupboard


White Wall Mounted Tall Boy Unit


The White Wall Mounted Tall Boy Unit is the blatant example of the modern and advanced design in the industry. Its design will not only make you exciting but also to any person who will use the bathrooms in which the unit will be fixed. Gloss white is the model of the unit that will help to glorify corners and front of the bathroom in more ways that are aesthetical. The most important thing of the wall mounted bathroom cabinet is its colour that can adjust other colouring bathrooms products by creating comparing, contrasting and matching options. Thus, you can put other bathroom products which possess different colours that will escalate look and beautification of the inner atmosphere of the bathroom. Other product features are as below;

  • Soft-close self-close doors
  • Extremely durable
  • Supplied rigid
  • Appealing finishing option



Stylish Athena Range of Bathroom Furniture

  • Athena Gloss White Furniture
  • Athena Natural Oak Furniture
  • Athena Hacienda Black Furniture
  • Athena Grey Avola Furniture
  • Athena Driftwood Furniture

Bathroom wall cabinet cloakroom products are desired by customers in which they desire to have the product that gives them perfect storage, the decorated look of the bathroom and significant durability. Thus, Premier Athena 300mm Hacienda Black Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit and freestanding bathroom storage are manufactured by bringing out all desires of customers. Come to invest in the white bathroom cabinet for more perfect solutions. Important features of the product are as below;

  • This striking hacienda black finish complements any modern bathroom to create a designer look
  • This wall hung unit creates more space in your bathroom giving the illusion of a bigger bathroom
  • This unit has soft close doors which limit the daily wear and tear and provides a quieter closing action
  • Colour co-ordinate your unit with a hacienda black WC unit
  • Make your bathroom roomier with bathroom storage cabinet.
Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk