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Your Guide for Buying a Wall Mounted Vanity Unit

The Wall Mounted Vanity Unit is stylish storage furniture in your bathroom. It is a kind of sink and cabinets combined in a single unit. While usually rests on top of the cabinets, it is a great way to save space as they hide bathroom essentials or any toiletries. Whether you have a small bathroom or a large one, you can get the benefit of the added advantage of this highly functional unit. People who like minimalism use vanity units in their bathrooms.

They are inexpensive and convenient yet elegant at the same time.

Storage is a critical need of every modern bathroom. With the increase in items, we use there, the felt of something we can store these items is more than ever before. Since the top of these units is usually empty, the manufacturer has come up with an idea to use that space for a worktop basin. By adding this functionality, it becomes even more beneficial for small bathrooms. 

There are many kinds of vanity units. We, however, are discussing wall-hung vanity units in this article.


What is Wall Mounted Vanity Unit?


As the name suggests, wall mounted vanity unit is attached to a wall above the floor. They make it easier to clean the floor. These will bring a sleek and refined look to your bathroom. These are efficient in saving space and provide storage of bathroom items. Whether you are using a single vanity unit or multiple vanity units attacked to each other, you need to make sure your wall is sturdy enough to bear its weight. When you use wall-hung furniture, all the weight and load rests on the wall. So, it is essential to consult a professional and check the strength of the wall.


What Are Different Types of Wall Mounted Vanity Unit?  


There are two types of wall-hung vanity units.

  1. Single Sink Vanity Units. These are the type of units that have a single sink adjusted on top of them. It is suitable for a small bathroom where you don’t have many people using it. The storage under it is smaller too. Although these also have different sizes, the cabinet is smaller, almost equal to the width of the basin. 
  2. Double or Multiple Sink Vanity Units. These are a type of vanity unit that have two or more sinks on top of it. Because these have more than two sinks, the cabinets under them are also bigger and more spacious. These are usually suitable for a bigger bathroom. If you are a group of people living together or a family, then it can be a great choice for you. Multiple sinks also mean that more than one person can use them at once. It can be great for a place where multiple people are trying to get ready for work at the same time.

It depends solely on your convenience and needs whether you should use one vanity unit or multiple.


Advantages of Wall Mounted Vanity Unit


  • You can expect various benefits by installing a wall mounted vanity unit discussed as follows.
  • These are compact units that can fix on the wall. That means the space under the unit is empty, making your bathroom look spacious. 
  • Being a wall mounting unit, these are very helpful in saving space. So, if you have limited space, then such a furniture unit can be an excellent choice.
  • Due to combining the two utilities into a single fixture, this wall-mounted unit can save even more space. For example, it has a worktop basin, which eliminates the need for a separate sink, hence saving you space that is otherwise used. 
  • All the plumbing that includes both inlet and outlet are concealed inside the wall, hence giving it a clean look.
  • The cleaning of such units is extremely easier as the floor is accessible, and you have a minimum projection in the bathroom. 

Does your bathroom need one?


The wall mounted vanity unit can be used in all kinds of bathrooms. Whether they are small, large, old-fashioned, or modern, they always add value to the overall design and experience.

Since they are best for organizing storage, small bathrooms can always count on them to make them look neat and fashionable.  

They are for everyone but especially for people who don’t have enough space to store all the items needed in a bathroom.


You can easily get ready-made vanity units from shops. They usually come with a pre-assembled design. You can follow a guide that usually comes with them. If you are too skeptical, it is best to hire a professional to deal with the pipework.


Do You Want Wall Mounted Vanity Unit for Your Bathroom?  

In this article, we have provided you with all the details for a wall mounted vanity unit. Do you think it can be a great addition to your bathroom? At Royal Bathrooms, we have an extensive range of bathroom furniture available at a lower price. The Covid-19 vaccine can save your life and others around you.   


Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk

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Styling Your Bathroom with Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit

The Grey wall hung vanity unit is beautiful looking modern style storage for your bathroom. Storage has become an essential need for any bathroom. Since a bathroom has become a space where we are spending more time than ever, we usually find it hard to find a suitable space to keep everyday use items. Especially during the COVID-19 lockdown, people were locked in their homes, and bathrooms were used as a hair salon to the spa. Therefore, more and more people felt that they should have a better and more practical bathroom. And the highly functional bathroom is not possible without suitable storage. Without it, you don’t have any place to keep your essential bathroom items. As a result, your bathroom will look cluttered and unorganized. So, a vanity unit is an essential need for every house.


Here in this article, we have discussed few features of the grey vanity unit.


Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit Has A Space Saving Design. 


The best feature Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit is that it is a space-saving design. It is a wall mounting style which means you don’t need to place it on the floor or on the sidewall. But you can fix it on the wall, leaving space on the sides and under empty. It saves space as leaving the space on sides and under can make your bathroom feel open and bigger. In addition to that, it is great for better use of space. 


Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit Looks Great in the Bathroom.


The second good feature of this vanity unit is that it looks great in the bathroom. Everyone nowadays is after a modern style, and that requires compact style as per new trends. A wall-hung style that was more common in luxury hotels and considered to be an expensive option can now be installed in the home.  Its grey colour is another factor that makes it a preferred option for all modern and contemporary style bathroom. It has a glossy finish and water-resistant material that look great and makes it a great addition. So, if you are after a great looking vanity unit, then it is the best option for you. 


Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit offers an elegant and intelligent solution. 


The Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit offer a great solution for all your worry about keeping items in the bathroom. When you think about storing bathroom essentials, the first thing that comes into your mind is that bathroom furniture will do the job. However, with any bathroom storage, the biggest problem you may face is space availability. Since bathroom furniture units are usually bulky and take a significant space, you may need a better solution. Especially if you have limited space in the bathroom, then an intelligent solution that makes better use of space can offer great value. Not only it is an intelligent solution, but it also looks elegant. So, you have the best of both worlds, a space-saving design, intelligent solution, and a great look all at the same time. 


Easier Keep Clean and Maintain. 


As you have open and empty space left under the vanity unit, you can easily access this area. That is not possible in floor standing vanity units. So, the accessibility of this space makes it easier for you to keep it clean and maintain it for a long time. In addition to that, it is a compact unit with no extra corner or less practical surface. And its grey glossy finish colour all add up to its easier cleaning and maintenance. You can easily keep it clean by spending few minutes every few days. 


Buy Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit from Royal bathrooms UK


You have gone through all the details about Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit. It has all features that can solve your all problems related to bathroom storage. The first is enhancing the storage capacity, which depending on its size, perfectly does. The next is its style and space-saving features. You can install it even if you have limited space. And the next one is that its great look perfectly complements the modern style bathrooms. 

Athena Bathroom Furniture With Classical and Modern Touch

Whether it is classical products for your cloakroom or you are looking for the products that can give to your bathroom a modern look, it does not matter. However, the thing that in fact matters is getting the right storage. The perfect solution for bathrooms is the desire of every customer. They want to save space as much as they can do by fixing different types of cloakroom products in the shapes of units and other items. The Athena Bathroom furniture will give bathrooms clean and uncluttered look. Featuring vanity units with basin, cupboards, and drawers will give the bathroom an elegant look. One of the most important things of the bathroom products is that these conceal any disgraceful pipework in your bathroom that can disgrace its look. The most important products in this regard are as below of different types under the category of Athena bathroom;


  • Premier Athena 600mm Gloss White Floor Standing 2-Door Vanity Unit Cabinet With Mid Edge Basin
  • Premier Athena 600mm Gloss White Floor Standing 2-Door Vanity Unit Cabinet With Minimalist Basin
  • Premier Athena 600mm Gloss White Floor Standing 2-Drawer Vanity Unit Cabinet With Mid Edge Basin

Features Athena furniture

  • Unique Gloss White finish
  • Ample storage solutions
  • Soft-close doors
  • Colour co-ordinate your unit with a Gloss White WC unit
  • Different types of drawers
  • Fluctuation of sizes


Athena Wall Hung Vanity Units for Fabulous Look

Royal Bathrooms furnishes its customers with the cloakroom products, which come to your choice because these are manufactured as per desires of our customers. Are you looking for slightly different products or units, which will glorify look and appearance of your bathrooms? No worries! Divergent types with completely different featured products are made up for the best cause of our customers. Multiple sizes, versatility in colours, and the latest styles are applied on the Wall Hung Vanity Units.


  • Premier Athena 600mm Gloss White Wall Hung Vanity Unit With Mid-Edged Basin & Cabinet
  • Premier Athena 600mm Gloss White Wall Hung Vanity Unit With Minimalist Basin & Cabinet
  • Premier Athena 800mm Gloss White Wall Hung Vanity Unit With Mid-Edged Basin & Cabinet

There are a number of features of the aforementioned products which will attract you to update your bathrooms with the products which are below;

  • Gloss white finish compliments
  • Create more space in your bathroom giving the illusion of a bigger bathroom
  • Soft close drawers which limit the daily wear and tear and provides a quieter closing action
  • High-quality vitreous china basin
  • Waste Shroud
  • Wall hung
  • Addition of basin and cabinet


Athena Floor Standing Counter top Vanity Units


Floor standing vanity units are supposed to fix in cloakrooms for more efficient and practical solutions. Do not make it complicated. Always choose the right unit that fits for your bathroom following its space. You should not at all fix the unit that will make the floor hard to clean. 


  • Premier Athena 800mm Gloss White 2-Drawer Floor Standing Worktop Vanity Unit With 365mm Soft Square Basin
  • Premier Athena 800mm Gloss White 2-Drawer Floor Standing Worktop Vanity Unit With 455mm Soft Square Basin
  • Premier Athena 600mm Gloss White 2-Doors Floor Standing Worktop Vanity Unit With 455mm Soft Square Basin


Floor standing counter top is the mind-blowing creation of Royal Bathrooms in order to facilitate its customers more and more. You need to be worried to upgrade your cloakroom furniture. Just make these products part of your bathrooms whose qualities are as below;


  • The perfect solution to save space
  • Sleek Gloss White finish compliments to give an astonishing look
  • Centre positioned waste hole
  • Suitable with high rise basin mixer
  • Counter top Basin Finish
  • Supplied with high-quality matching worktop for use with vessel basin
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Vitreous China Basin for extra durability and long-lasting effect
  • No Tap hole
  • Tap and waste not included

Perfect Collection of Athena WC Units


Athena WC Units are prepared by Royal Bathrooms with the material that retains quality as well as durability of the units for the best cause of customers. You will feel proud by fixing the units because these will surely serve to make your cloakroom more capacious. If you have small bathroom, you need not be worried at all because installation of the Athena WC Units will help you to put in more and more products that will also save your space in the cloakroom. So, do not forget to put aside the WC units. More important units are as below;



Back to Wall Unit

  • Colour co-ordinate your unit with a Gloss White cabinet
  • Pair with a back to wall or wall hung pan to complete your bathroom look
  • Supplied rigid

Back to Wall Pan

  • Modern curves creating a clean neat design
  • Seat Type : Round
  • Gloss White ceramic construction
  • For use with back-to-wall furniture
  • Square toilet seat included
Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk

Wall hung Vanity units; an eye-popping bathroom storage solution

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People reimagine about their bathrooms. They have natural desire to make look of their living spots more elegant and striking. People in the contemporary era have changed. There is blatant shift in their desires, choices and ambitions regarding bathroom furniture. They have become much vigilant about the changing trends of marketing and styles as well as designs. Because of globalization, people have become much aware about the things which they plan to buy. Internet has played a pivotal role in making them aware. The same thing is repeated with the bathroom products. Customers get much information about their purchases of bathroom products to make their look more eye grabbing. Thus, this most important fact of awareness of customers is kept in mind during preparation of the bathroom products buy not compromising on quality. Bathroom Wall hung Vanity units are prepared in this regard to give you more and more option to glorify look of your bathrooms.


Addition of unique and fabulous units


That is the era of styles and fashions. People have become much conscious about the styles and design patterns of the products on which they are going to invest in. They work out the product to which they are going to purchase. By considering this aspect of customers important, latest styles, as well as fashions, are applied on the preparation of the wall mounted vanity units. The most important thing is that traditional methods are also applied in the preparation of the units but under the sway of innovative ideas. Changes are made up under the aegis of the latest ideas which are getting momentum in choices of people. Traditional injection but in new ways is extremely a positive thing that can never be ignored. You will never stop yourself from getting attracted toward the products or units which are made up under the sway of the latest fashions and styles by preserving the traditional look of the product. Wall hung vanity unit with ceramic basin are the most important in this regard with other products of the category. Some of them are as below;


  • Parade 800mm Gloss White Wall Hung Basin & Cabinet
  • Cardinal 800mm Gloss White Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Minimalist Basin & Cabinet
  • Modern Minimalist 400mm Ebony Wall Hung Cloakroom Vanity Unit & Basin
  • Eden 800mm Gloss White Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Mid-Edged Basin & Cabinet
  • Modern Minimalist 400mm Gloss White Wall Hung Cloakroom Vanity Unit & Basin
  • Premier Vault 400mm Natural Oak Wall Hung Vanity Unit Minimalist Basin & Cabinet
  • Premier Vault 400mm Grey Avola Wall Hung Vanity Unit Minimalist Basin & Cabinet
  • Hudson Reed Coast 500mm Gloss Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit Mid Edge Basin & Cabinet
  • Premier Athena 500mm Driftwood 2-Drawer Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Mid-Edged Basin & Cabinet
  • Hudson Reed Coast 500mm Gloss Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit Minimalist Basin & Cabinet
  • Hudson Reed Coast 600mm Gloss White Wall Hung Vanity Unit Mid Edge Basin & Cabinet

Affordable Rates to preserve your economic stacks


In the contemporary, psychic patterns of customers have been changed. They always look for the products which can not only save their money as much as it is possible but also glorify look of their bathrooms. People desire two things at the same. On one side hand, they want to invest in the bathroom products which are economical as well as affordable. On the other hand, they desire to buy the products or wall hung sink unit which can make their bathrooms striking. Royal Bathrooms procures this demand of customers by offering them affordable rates as well as beautiful bathroom items for adornment cause. So, preserve your economic stacks by glorifying your bathrooms.


Variety of sizes for your cause


Sizing aspect is the most important aspect that can never be ignored because people have to make a proper space of their bathrooms following the units to which they plan to fix in. Some people prefer small bathrooms in which they have to fix small basin units. Most of them like to have luxurious bathrooms which can uplift their status in the eyes of guests who will come to visit their homes. To adjust this aspect of diversity, variety is created in the bathroom products for the best cause of customers. 600 wall hung vanity unit is made up to facilitate you more and more as per your desires. Most important vanity units of this category are as below;

Wall hung vanity units 1200 mm are also manufactured for the best cause of customers. These are prepared in highly decorated manners that will surely perfect decision of you to add them in your bathroom products. Some of them are as below;

  • Premier Athena 1200mm Hacienda Black Wall Hung 2-Drawer Vanity Unit Cabinet with Double Basin
  • Premier Athena 1200mm Driftwood Wall Hung 2-Drawer Vanity Unit Cabinet with Double Basin
  • Premier Athena 1200mm Hacienda Black Wall Hung 4-Drawer Vanity Unit Cabinet with Double Basin
  • Premier Athena 1200mm Driftwood Wall Hung 4-Drawer Vanity Unit Cabinet with Double Basin

Make your dream of beautifying bathrooms practical with the vanity units.

Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk

How To Find the Best Ethernet Cables

Ethernet Cables or Plenum Cables are a prevalent type of cable you will frequently find in a house office setting, or possibly a commercial environment. They are available in many lengths and can also be utilised in multiple places. For the individual who likes to travel frequently, it is essential to consider that Ethernet Cables often carry an electrical power supply with them.



PVC Cables (or PVC Cables) will be the second most popular and least expensive form of indoor Ethernet Cable. It's ideal for enclosed spaces where airflow does not share with regions of individual residence. These kinds of indoor Ethernet Cables come in a variety of colours and lengths, which will make it easy to find the ideal match for your project. It makes plenum Cables out of an inner core and then coated in a PVC jacket. It is excellent for both indoor and outdoor environments and can be comfortable at a variety of different regional retailers.


High-Quality Fiber Optic Cables


Fibre Optic Cables is an excellent option for the person who likes to have over. One cable within reach of one another. It's perfect for long-distance travelling or those who need a high quality of the sign. These types of indoor Ethernet Cables are more expensive than the other two. You might not find them locally, but you should find them at a retailer. They're also a better choice for the home user since they don't have to have multiple cables installed to reach every region in question.


There are plenty of other types of Ethernet Cables, including Copper Braid Cables, FireWire, Nylon Cable and Fiber Optic Cables. You may see them in just about any place at a home electronics store. The ones which you choose depend on your precise requirements and where you live.


Do not forget that if shopping for Ethernet Cables, you might find that the best deals are usually found if you shop at retail shops offering free shipping. This can often save you quite a petty cash when you shop in one of the bigger chain stores. But check out some online stores too. They usually offer the same fantastic rates and the selection that are offered at brick-and-mortar shops. That means you will have a better prospect of finding a lot.


Ethernet Cables Online


Online retailers can be a great place to find fantastic deals on Ethernet Cables online



. If you understand what you're searching for, you might find a better price online than you would if you shopped in a brick-and-mortar shop.


Source: http://www.newyorkcables.com

Straight bath panels are not the wall panels in the bathroom

Creating a contemporary but functional bathroom style can often be difficult, particularly in the case of wall coverings. There is little understanding of alternative options in many households for engravings. Tiles are available in increasingly different types but require a certain amount of regular maintenance to maintain the grout clean. However, waterproof wall panels become more and more popular than bathroom tile products. They offer many other benefits to the installer and end-user, besides being attractive and easy to maintain. However, to cover the floor under the bath, straight bath panels have been designed by the market experts. 

Straight Bath Panels

Functionalities of wall panels


They manufacture wall panels to match shower cabinets, domestic steam rooms, and complete bathrooms in various sizes. Often, they offered as complete kits that include all the profiles, sealants, and accessories necessary.


Wall panels can be mounted faster and simpler than wall panels, which can be difficult. The adhesive and grout will take several days to dry with tiles, as the installation of wall panels is much easier and can be achieved by most professional soap operators. Since straight bath panels are safe, the potential for mess is minimized, there is no coagulation to prevent the creation of a wall mould in the bathroom is normally between tiles and is an alarming feature and soon can ruin the look of a bathroom when the installation is full. They can mount the wall panels in standard woodworking. They typically require a laser level to ensure that wall tiles are mounted correctly, and the wall panels have a regular spirit level.


The material can be customized 


PVC: The style features a back PVC section and a co-ordinated or polished chrome aluminium face with PVC colour. Both parts simply lock together in both panels and create a watertight joint via a self-stick barrier tape. If it places together the tongue and raised ribs, the need for joining strips is minimized and fixations are cleanly dissimulated. For a clean and organized finishing, the outer eye of the straight bath panels is fitted with an edging profile. Conventional tile facilities also lead to leaks as the seal breaks down with time between the bath or shower tile and wall. With wall panels, the bottom sealing mechanism adapts to the expansion and contraction of the tile and avoids this occurring.


MDF: Matchings can be easily found and make your bathroom look harmonious while keeping its sound light and airy. Pale work surfaces and mirrored cabinets can help the illusion of light and room to exaggerate. Furniture for the natural wood bathroom looks fantastic, so fit your cabinets with whatever theme you want – bright colours for a vibrant personality, natural colours for a rural idyll, and striking black and white contrast with the pale woods are all possible. 


MDF furnishings of the bathroom also have a flavoured oak finish: the purchase is cheaper than purchasing solid oak furnishings but can be as nice-especially in modern bathrooms-and almost as hard to wear. Choose from different brands – fit your current bath with veneered oak bathtub panels to add an oak-tone toilet unit and some large storage units or wall-mounted cabinets to your furnished oak vanity unit.


Say panels a welcome to your home


Panels must be washed very quickly yet only clean with moist tissue to make them look fresh. In comparison to wallpapers or paints that can flake or peel and tiles that can crack and chip, they are immune and unlikely to suffer harm even after a few years. The wall panels, in comparison to straight bath panels, are made of a high-level decorative laminate to give a surface that is 100% watertight by binding them to a sheet.


Because of the material they have installed, unlike tiles that involve the use of a particular pole and which cause tile damage you should have no problems in remedying the mirror or other bathroom fittings. Certain panels feature a waterproof WBP plate wood substance and a laminate balancing on the reverse side to prevent moisture from entering the surface.


Due to the product dimensions, wide wall areas can be filled within a fraction of the time. The same area as 216 tiles (100 mm) is protected by a single 2.400 mm 900 mm wall. The inside and outside profiles of panels typically do not need a densifier. Some panels feature a revolutionary two-part Click-Seal system, ensuring proper fitting of the wall panels.  The Royal bathrooms is one company which offers both kinds of panels in multi-sizes. Have a look on website!

Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk

How to Connect Ethernet Cable to Notebook – The Easy Way

If you are trying to connect wirelessly into an ethernet connection, you then do not have many options available. First, you want to buy a USB wireless adapter. The fantastic thing about these adapters is that they don’t cost too much at all. You may even buy them for hardly any money. They can even be got for free if you know where to look.

Shower Enclosures
Shower Enclosures
5% discount on Shower Enclosures & also get sale benefits on stylish and comfortable items from this online store "RoyalBathrooms.co.uk".

Modern Collection of Toilet and Basin Ideas for Cloakroom

Contemporary Toilets with Push Button Cistern

Transforming bathroom from luxury to more luxurious is the desire of every person. The contemporary toilets have a push-button cistern with the simplest organic and contemporary designs which are no doubt simple, but they are perfect for your bathroom with soft square forms. Flush to wall features escalates the importance of the toilets which hide all sort of pipework that thwarts your bathroom to give a disgusting look. Come to know about some important products of the collection.


Contemporary Basins; Easier to Install

The contemporary basins are the leading and wider part of the basin collection. Full pedestal, usually one-hole, round pedestal and capaciousness are the important features of the products. These basins and pedestal from the Code range will give your bathroom an elegant as well yet reliable feeling with a modern finish to your bathroom. Give a look at some products of the collection which are below!


Traditional Toilets with Steal handle and chrome finish

This traditional toilets from the Carlton range define a stylish dimension of a bathroom with massive engineering for the sensation of vintage reliability. These are manufactured from long-lasting and durable material that makes the products perfect to use for a long time. Stunning white finishing will give a smooth and very clean look to your bathroom.


Traditional Basins with clean glazed ceramic

These classical yet utilitarian design basins and pedestal comply very well with any traditional bath and give your bathroom a conventional touch. This basin has 2 tap holes. During installation, extra care must be taken to avoid damaging the fittings. Curvaceous corners of the basins will make cleaning easier. Get in touch with important products of the basin collection which are below!


Back to wall toilets with modern curves

These back to wall toilet suites is manufactured with modern curves. A super mixture of contemporary fashion and elegant look to complete a modern bathroom. These are supplied complete with an exceptional 5-year guarantee by Royal Bathrooms for total peace of mind, you can be assured that you are receiving an item of the highest quality. Find important products of the toilet washbasin below!


Pedestal Basins with easier patterns to fix in

This basin and pedestal from the Trim range will give you an elegant yet reliable feeling with a modern finish to your bathroom. These will make your bathroom more capacious as well as comfortable. Some important products are below!


Cloakroom Toilets with dual flush pattern

The cloakroom toilets possess the important feature of dual flush that follows the global consensus of making the water natural by saving water. The flush help to save water. Chrome push button cistern is also fixed that make them perfect for your usage.  You can also save the space of your cloakroom by fixing the toilets in your bathroom. Get some credible products of the collection below!


WC Units with Beach wood Finish

WC units are made up of two basic parts which are as toilet pan, and furniture unit. It helps to conceal the cistern. When your bathroom has a very small space to fix bathroom products, this WC and Pan combination is the perfect solution to all your worries. All WC Units have been specially selected to stand the test of time and help you to make the most of your available space. This unit is supplied pre-assembled, making installation easier without any visible pipework. High-quality material is used in the whole process of manufacturing the units so that you may enjoy durability as well as longevity. Back to wall pan is an important feature of the units which conceals the pipework that helps you to hide any hole or bad smudge that can reduce the beauty of your bathroom. Some important products of the units are below!


Cloakroom Basins of Semi pedestal

These cloakroom suites and basins which are semi pedestal, come up with the fine-edged design. These will finish off any bathroom. High edges of the basins will protect the floor from water spills. That is the reason; people get interested to make items of the collection part of their bathroom. Make your bathroom more capacious and make the part of the product of your cloakroom. Some important products are below in this regard.


Semi-Pedestal Basins with additional washing space

Curvaceous designed basin and semi pedestal from Pick & Mix range finish off the bathroom’s appearance. The semi-pedestal basins are perfect for the configuration of the bathroom. It also provides a deep basin that helps to save water that could be used for any other purpose. Some important products of the semi-pedestal are below!


Wall-mounted Basins; your ultimate priority

The wall-mounted basins are also known as wall hung basins. These could be fixed back to the wall that stands them and not let to go down. These are fixed in the wall that is the reason the space beneath the basins is free to use. This aspect helps you to save space if you do not enough space in your bathroom. Come to invest in the rounded cloakroom basins! Some important products of the collection are below!


The versatility of Counter top Basins

The countertop basins are attached with basins in which you can wash your mouth, teeth or hands. Because of the basins, you can stand easily to wash what you want, and the water will not reach to your clothes.  Royal Bathrooms prepares the countertop basins with 100% unique and quality material. Find some important products of the collection below!


Toilet and Basin Accessories for sturdy fitting and longevity

Toilet and Basin accessories are those things which are required to fix in bathroom products. How much your accessories will be sturdy and durable; it will help to increase the life of the products which are to be installed in. There are basically two categories of the accessories which are as below

Toilet Accessories for Perfect Fitting

The Premier MDF Painted Toilet Seat, Plastic Hinges, and many more are the important products of the toilet accessories from the exciting range of Toilet Seats. Manufactured to the highest standards, this model is designed for specific Premier toilet pans but may also fit other brands. Some important products are below!


Basin Accessories for corrosion resistance

Attach basin to the wall easily while lending a clean and fitted look to bathroom with the Basin Fixing Bolts. Offering everything you may need for bathroom basin fixing, this kit is easy to use and long lasting.


Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk

Inclusive Guideline About Toilets & Basins

Toilets and Basins are the well-known Bathroom furniture toilet and basin products which have become a necessity of all and sundry in the on-going era. People always prefer to fix in the toilets and basins in their bathrooms which possess divergent features. The industry of toilet and basin has become revolutionized because of the contribution of innovative ideas and the latest designs which are always the sources of attraction for customers. Royal Bathrooms comprehends all demands and desires of its customers and endeavours to manufacture bath furniture toilet and basin for the best cause of its customers.


Provisions of Toilet & Basin suites

Toilet and basins are two different things but are products or sub-categories of the bathroom. To facilitate our customers, Royal Bathrooms provides the four ranges in the sub-categories of toilet and basin suites which are below!

Contemporary Suites with soft close seat

The Contemporary Suites give a great modern look with different designs. The short projection of these designs also makes it ideal for compact bathrooms. This basin and pedestal from the Ambrose range with such uncomplicated design and clean contours will comply well with a variety of bathroom styles. Come to invest in Bathroom furniture toilet and basin for the beautification of your bathrooms with latest designs and stylish patterns! The suites are made up by keeping in mind the rising environmental issues of the world to make the world natural. For this cause, it is manufactured with the ecological feature of saving water. Most important products of the contemporary suits are below!

CONTEMPORARY SUITES-kartell_studio_1


Traditional Suites with Steal handle


Traditional suites production is the most elegant collection of suites. It is desired by those who make their cloakroom luxurious by upgrading their bathroom products. This defines a stylish dimension to a bathroom with massive engineering for the sensation of vintage reliability. Significant products in this regard are below!


Cloakroom Suite with high-quality gloss white


This High Gloss White cloakroom suites with Ceramic Basin, make the most of your bathroom with our practical and attractive white gloss furniture options. You should not forget to browse our collection to update your bathroom products which give a shining look to your bathrooms. The cloakroom suites provide a practical storage solution. Add the basin toilet vanity unit in your bathroom furniture for better outcomes!  Some of the products are below!



May ford Floor Standing Cabinet & Basin

  • High quality modern gloss finish
  • Supplied with a sturdy ceramic basin for a heavyweight and durable vanity unit
  • Soft close doors
  • Chrome Handles
  • Supplied rigid for easy installation



Small Bathroom Suite with Durable ceramic basin


The small bathroom suites are coupled with a wide range of styles, designs and storage solution. The small suites not only cost less, but they are also perfect for your small bathroom. These will give a different look to your bathroom that will make you happy, especially because of the storage solution. High gloss white is applied to the products of the sub-categories which make their look shining that is nice and smooth to touch. Sturdy ceramics basin and chrome handles are the most appealing features of the collection. Find below some products of the collection.


Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk/toilets-basins.html

Discovering Ideas of Cloakroom Toilet and Sink to Create Luxurious Feel

Cloakroom toilet-related products are designed artistically not only for the luxurious usage by installing them inside the bathrooms, but also offer multiple options of matching and comparing with other cloakroom furniture to give your bathroom fabulous look. The cloakroom is a broader category that encircles a large number of products such as!


  • Toilet
  • Basin
  • Toilet & Basin Accessories



Toilet encircles different types of toilets which possess different qualities regarding installation, designs, colours and styles. Most important types of toilets areas below which are manufactured by Royal Bathrooms UK for the best cause of its customers.




Basin has the core importance in a cloakroom. Nobody can expect to believe that their bathroom look is complete without basin fixation because it has functional importance. Royal Bathrooms UK provides a various type of basins which are below!


  • Contemporary Basins
  • Traditional Basins
  • Pedestal Basins
  • Semi-Pedestal Basins
  • Wall Mounted Basins
  • Cloakroom Basins
  • Counter Top Basins


Fixing toilet Cloakroom Toilet and Sink Units is an art. Every toilet and basin need the accessories to get fixed. If the accessories are not manufactured with quality material, the cloakroom products will lose its place and beauty within a very short span of time. That is why; it is highly suggested to use quality accessories to fix the toilet and basins. We offer the below accessories for the best cause of customers.


  • Toilet Accessories
  • Basin Accessories 


Cloakroom Toilet and Sink units are coupled Toilet comes with Push Button Cistern and Soft Close Seat. These are high-quality items which are made from Vitreous china. It is very easy to install and use. Some toilets products are below;


  • Melbourne Close Coupled Toilet with Soft Close Seat
  • Carmela Short Projection Toilet with Soft Close Seat
  • Carmela Close Coupled Toilet with Soft Close Seat
  • Freya Short Projection Toilet with Slimline Soft Close Seat 

Salient Features of Cloakroom Toilet and sink

  • Comes with chrome push button cistern
  • Manufactured from high-quality vitreous china
  • Angular design for use in corners of the bathroom
  • Installation conceals unsightly pipework
  • Semi-flush to wall pan is easier to install
  • Cistern releases 4 or 6 litres respectively


These products are wall pan and cistern toilet with soft close seat collection is a smart, modern and designed product that would complement any modern bathroom. Different styles and modern Semi-flush to wall pan and cistern units are manufactured to highest standards giving divergent smooth finishing.


Which type of Cloakroom Toilet should be added?


White Wall Hung Cloakroom Vanity Unit & Melbourne Semi Flush to Wall Toilet with Seat is an extraordinary vanity unit and toilet cloakroom pack that is manufactured as per desires of customers in order to make them attracted.


Features of Wall Hung Cloakroom Vanity Unit

  • High-quality modern gloss finish
  • Manufactured from high-quality ceramics
  • Soft Closing Doors Mechanism
  • Chrome Handles
  • Supplied rigid for easy installation
  • For cloakroom or small bathroom

Give a Trendy Look to Your Bathroom with Pedestal Unit


Cloakroom basin with pedestal is a part of the leading range of vanity units. These basin and pedestal from the Code range will give you an elegant yet reliable feeling with a modern finish to your bathroom.


  • Code 550mm 1TH Basin & Pedestal
  • Trim 550mm 1TH Basin & Pedestal
  • Studio 550mm 1TH Basin & Pedestal

Features of Cloakroom basin with pedestal

  • Tap Holes: 1
  • Round Pedestal
  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Spacious basin for more comfortable use
  • Can be easily installed


The category is the most demanded by customers because of a number of other features which are the source of attraction for customers. Hight of the aforementioned products are 855mm that is beneficial for your bathrooms. Width of the units are as 550mm that address your most important and enduring issue of storage. People usually construct small cloakrooms because people have little space to build their bathrooms. That is the reason that special attention is given to the height as well as to width of the units. Material is another important and highly significant aspect that can never be ignored. People may compromise on price of a unit, but they can never be reluctant toward the quality of the products. Vitreous China material is used in the whole process of manufacturing of the units.


A number of ideas and methods have been devised in the contemporary era for the sake of creation of beauty and attraction in the Cloakroom Toilet and Sink units. Finishing is one of the most demanding and desired features of the products which can never be ignored at all. That is why; finishing in different colours is applied on the outer side and sidings of the units that glorify look of the products more eye grabbing.


Multiple Sizes of Basin and Pedestal


This basin and pedestal from the Bliss range with such uncomplicated design and clean contours will comply well with a variety of bathroom styles. Basin has 1 Tap hole and its contemporary, practical design makes this pedestal basin great for nearly every bathroom configuration.


  • Provost 420mm 1TH Basin & Pedestal
  • Bliss 600mm 1TH Basin & Pedestal
  • Harmony 555mm 1TH Basin & Pedestal

Features of basin and pedestal

  • Full Pedestal type of Basin
  • 1 Tap Hole
  • Usage of Vitreous china
  • Spacious basin for more comfort
  • Complies well with a sprung plug bath waste
  • High edges prevent excessive water spills
  • Wider basin gives additional washing space


These units are manufactured to high standards and giving customers a value for money that is sure to withstand the tests of time. You can be assured that you are receiving an item of the highest quality, this model comes with 5 years guarantee for total peace of mind. Come to invest in different colouring and attractive finishing for universal appeal and the illusion of more space.


Close Coupled Toilet with Soft Close Seat


The Kartell Code Close Coupled Toilet with Soft Close Seat and Push Button Cistern is part of the leading range of Code from Kartell. This is a high-quality item that is made from vitreous china. It is very easy to install and use. Supplied complete with an exceptional 10-year guarantee by Royal Bathrooms for total peace of mind.


Features of Code Close Coupled Toilet

  • Floor fixing kit included
  • Water-saving dual flush mechanism
  • Comes with chrome push button cistern
  • Manufactured from high-quality vitreous china
  • Angular design for use in corners of the bathroom


These features are the signs which motivate customers to make the units part of their cloakroom. Come to invest in the cloakroom toilet and sink units of Royal Bathrooms.

Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk

Fixing Back to Wall Toilet Unit for Capacious Cloakroom

Back to wall toilet is the most important product that is manufactured by the internationally reputed experts of Royal Bathrooms. The important things which differentiate the product from the rest of others is that it possesses the features which will create the difference in comparing, matching and contrast.


This versatile Back to wall toilet unit features smooth curves, latest designs, multiple colours and graceful lines to suit most styles of bathroom or cloakroom in order to give a different look to your cloakroom. Made from high-quality glazed ceramic, this back to wall pan is easy to clean and maintain. You will surely love to fix the Back to Wall Toilet Unit. The below mentioned are some ranges of back to wall toilet with divergent, but extraordinary features.


  • Cesar Back to Wall Rimless Pan with Soft Close Seat
  • Abacus Back to Wall Rimless Pan with Soft Close Slim Seat
  • Melbourne Back to Wall Pan with Soft Close Seat


Features Back to wall toilet unit

  • Manufactured from high quality vitreous china
  • Suitable of use with back to wall furniture units
  • Modern curves creating a clean neat design
  • High Gloss Finishing

There are further other products in the overmentioned categories which are prepared under the sway of contemporary designs and latest ideas. There is in fact diversity in the products which are always source of dedication and attraction for customers.

  • Ivo Back to Wall Pan With 550mm Soft Close Seat
  • Harmony Back to Wall Pan with Soft Close Seat
  • Elena Back to Wall Pan with Soft Close Seat
  • Cesar Back to Wall Rimless Pan with Soft Close Seat
  • Cambria Back to Wall Pan with Soft Close Seat


Features Back to Wall Pan

  • Suitable for use with back to wall furniture units
  • Usage of high-quality material of vitreous china
  • Suits well with concealed cistern to hide pipework
  • High Gloss White Finish
  • Modern curves creating a clean neat design


Short Projection Toilet and Basin Suite for Better Outcomes

Short-Projection-Toilet-and-Basin-Suite The contemporary era is the reign of fashions and designs which are getting advanced with the passage of time. People in the ongoing era have become much vigilant. They always desire to have the Short Projection Toilet & Basin Suite for their cloakroom which will give an elegant look to the bathrooms. That is the reason, latest and advanced designs are applied on the suite to make them fascinating more and more. Some of the products from the same category of Toilet and Basin are below.

  • Crosby Back to Wall Pan with Soft Close Seat
  • Amaze Back to Wall Pan with Soft Close Seat
  • Milano Back to Wall Pan with Soft Close Seat
  • Abacus Back to Wall Rimless Pan with Soft Close Seat


Features back to wall toilet Pan

  • Quick Release Soft Close Seat Included
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use
  • Rimless design
  • Rimless Technology - A faster and more silent Power Flush
  • Modern curves creating a clean neat design
  • Perfection and durability

These are the most significant as well as fascinating features which will bring smile on your face. You need not to put away the products which possess a wide range of features in divergent ways.


Install the Back to the wall toilet pan


The Premier Ivo Comfort Back to Wall Toilet Pan 540mm Projection - Soft Close Seat comes from the exciting Ivo range of Toilets. Manufactured to high standards, giving customers a value-for-money range that is sure to withstand the tests of time.


Bathroom Vanity Units

Suitable for use with back to wall furniture units, which conceal the cistern and hide unsightly pipework making the bathroom easier to clean. As you would expect from a market leading brand such as Premier, this model comes with an extensive 5-year guarantee for total peace of mind. Update your bathroom furniture with Back to the wall toilet pan.




Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk

Stand Different Proudly by Fixing Bathroom Storage Cabinet in Your Cloakroom

Did you ever notice that storage is an important aspect in any bathroom whose importance can never be diminished? But did you ever step toward the storage solution which can maximize the space of your bathroom? Everyone desires to create functional space in bathrooms to spend a good and relaxing time inside. However, the question arises, how to attain the dream? Bathroom Storage Cabinet is perfect to procure this wish of customers. Royal Bathroom prepares different types of the Storage Cabinet which possess different features in order to fulfil your dream of making the bathroom more elegant and special.


300mm Category of Standing Units on The Floor

Royal Bathrooms manufactures floor standing drawer units, wall hung tallboy units, and many more in the category of 300mm. Fixing the units in your bathrooms will give an astonishing look to your cloakroom that will help you to feel proud whenever guests will come to visit your homes. Most significant products of the category are as below;

  • Mayford 300mm Gloss White Floor Standing Drawer Unit
  • Delaware 300mm Gloss White Floor Standing Drawer Unit
  • Shipton 300mm Driftwood Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit
  • Mayford 300mm Gloss White Floor Standing 4-Drawer Unit
  • Premier Athena 300mm Natural Oak Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit

There are a number of features of the category, which are below which fluctuate from one category to the next.

  • Great for installation stand-alone or as part of a fitted furniture solution
  • High-quality MDF construction ensures a durable and long-lasting unit
  • Popular storage unit finished in a high gloss white to match sanitary ware
  • Soft Closing Drawers Mechanism
  • Include Chrome Handles
  • stunning natural oak finish compliments
  • wall hung unit
  • soft close doors
  • Beautiful handling finishing
  • Enough storage


350mm Category of Floor Standing Units


Are you looking for something magical that can create more space in your bathroom if you have inadequate space? No need to be worried at all! We are here to sort your problem out in different but easier ways. Perfectly made fitted cabinets are manufactured by Royal Bathrooms under the sway of latest and highly advanced styles in order to help you to give an elegant as well as modern look to your bathrooms. Most desired products in the category of 350mm are as below;

  • Delaware 350mm Gloss White Floor Standing Laundry Basket
  • Parade 350mm Gloss White Wall Hung Tallboy
  • Eclipse 350mm Midnight Grey Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit
  • Hudson Reed Coast 350mm Gloss Grey 2-Door Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit
  • Hudson Reed Coast 350mm Gloss White 2-Door Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit


250mm Category of Floor Standing Cabinet


These well-fitted products create more and more space in your bathroom. Oh; your cloakrooms have corners and awkward places that restrict you to not fix the units which can weed out the issue of storage and you have to install the units which cover most part of the bathrooms? The 250mm category of floor standing units can address the issue in a very smart way. The cabinets will give you more and more advantages to save space of your corner cloakroom. The most important types of the divergent units are as below only for your cause;


250mm Category of Floor Standing Cabinet

  • Mayford 250mm Gloss White Floor Standing Cupboard
  • Delaware 250mm Gloss White Floor Standing Cupboard


White Wall Mounted Tall Boy Unit


The White Wall Mounted Tall Boy Unit is the blatant example of the modern and advanced design in the industry. Its design will not only make you exciting but also to any person who will use the bathrooms in which the unit will be fixed. Gloss white is the model of the unit that will help to glorify corners and front of the bathroom in more ways that are aesthetical. The most important thing of the wall mounted bathroom cabinet is its colour that can adjust other colouring bathrooms products by creating comparing, contrasting and matching options. Thus, you can put other bathroom products which possess different colours that will escalate look and beautification of the inner atmosphere of the bathroom. Other product features are as below;

  • Soft-close self-close doors
  • Extremely durable
  • Supplied rigid
  • Appealing finishing option



Stylish Athena Range of Bathroom Furniture

  • Athena Gloss White Furniture
  • Athena Natural Oak Furniture
  • Athena Hacienda Black Furniture
  • Athena Grey Avola Furniture
  • Athena Driftwood Furniture

Bathroom wall cabinet cloakroom products are desired by customers in which they desire to have the product that gives them perfect storage, the decorated look of the bathroom and significant durability. Thus, Premier Athena 300mm Hacienda Black Wall Hung Tall Boy Unit and freestanding bathroom storage are manufactured by bringing out all desires of customers. Come to invest in the white bathroom cabinet for more perfect solutions. Important features of the product are as below;

  • This striking hacienda black finish complements any modern bathroom to create a designer look
  • This wall hung unit creates more space in your bathroom giving the illusion of a bigger bathroom
  • This unit has soft close doors which limit the daily wear and tear and provides a quieter closing action
  • Colour co-ordinate your unit with a hacienda black WC unit
  • Make your bathroom roomier with bathroom storage cabinet.
Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk

Giving a Modern Look to Cloakroom Under the Sway of the Latest Styles

Coast Gloss Furniture is the most desired product of cloakroom that is demanded by customers because of a number of features, which facilitate them in different manners. People give their utmost attention to look of the units. That is the reason; the latest designs and styles are applied to the units in order to make the look of the bathroom more elegant.

Furthermore, products in the category of coast Floor standing Unit which are as below

Perfect for a storage solution


Storage solution has become one of the most important issues. In the contemporary usually, people have less space for their bathrooms, but their desire is very unique that is to maintain cloakrooms beautifully. Now the question arises that how this desire can be attained? Tall Boy Unit is the perfect solution for the target that you have set in your mind. It is the most important product that weeds out your issue of storage in the bathroom. You need not be worried at all spacing of your bathroom. When you will fix the unit, it will create more space by adjusting a number of things aesthetically. There are some cases in which odd look is appeared because of the negligence of the technician. Thus, the Floor Standing Vanity Units, and Wall Hung Vanity Units will cover such types of loopholes, which will diminish the disgraceful look of your bathroom.


Products of the category will give you additional storage that will make bathrooms more comfortable.

Choose by Brand of Different Styles


Hudson Reed Floor Standing Unit comes in an exquisite range of styles, sizes, and designs which are not only the latest but also traditional. Most of the people are much committed to their traditional ways of decoration. That is the reason they like to fix the bathrooms products, which give a traditional look to their cloakroom. However, it does not mean that they do not want to give their bathroom a modern look. A complication arises when people desire to give their cloakrooms modern as well as traditional look. The issue is addressed by the Royal Bathrooms by preparing the Floor Standing Vanity Units UK under the way of traditional as well as modern paradigms of styles and designs. Our stylish units will give you a wide range of styles to make your bathrooms different from the rest of others.

Features of Hudson Reed Floor Standing Unit

The aforementioned products possess the features as below which distinguish them from the rest of the products of other categories

  • Gloss white unit features a cocobolo open shelf which creates a beautiful contrast
  • Soft close Push open 2 drawer
  • Colour co-ordinate your unit with a gloss white WC unit
  • Contrasting cabinet and supplied rigidly
  • Usage of quality material
  • Soft close drawers
  • Divergent types of Drawers such as Blum Tip-on (Push to Open)
  • Tap and Waste sold separately

Complete Look of Your Cloakroom with Floor Standing Vanity Units the UK

Look of your bathrooms can never be completed until you do not put furniture of cloakroom inside by considering the elements of comparing, contrast and matching with other things. Even in the contemporary era, tiles are prepared in multiple colours, which are fixed in bathrooms. Therefore, you can match, compare and contrast your Floor-standing vanity units the UK with tiles too. So, stand different by availing the chance to give a different look to your bathrooms that will raise your confidence in the eyes of the people who will come to visit your homes. Also available size variations along with slightly different style.

  • Hudson Reed Coast 500mm Gloss Grey Floor Standing Vanity Unit Mid-Edge Basin
  • Hudson Reed Coast 500mm Gloss Grey Floor Standing Vanity Unit Minimalist Basin
  • Hudson Reed Coast 600mm Gloss Grey Floor Standing Vanity Unit Minimalist Basin
  • Hudson Reed Coast 600mm Gloss Grey Floor Standing Vanity Unit Mid-Edge Basin
  • Hudson Reed Coast 800mm Gloss Grey Floor Standing Vanity Unit Mid-Edge Basin
  • Hudson Reed Coast 800mm Gloss Grey Floor Standing Vanity Unit Minimalist Basin
Source: http://royalbathrooms.co.uk